Meet Dan

I Am Dan getting my 'Wild On' working at my Studio“At the age of six, I sold my first painting for $100. This is when I realized that I could achieve a successful life, both financially and spiritually, by doing something i really loved doing. My passion for making art, has and continues to prove that realization to be true.

“As an artist, I am basically self-taught. As a student at Arizona State University, I was profoundly influenced by, and very fortunate to have studied with artist Fritz Scholder, my mentor. His way of painting was fast, gutsy, deliberate and elegantly raw. Watching him work, I instinctively knew that this is how I wanted to paint. Adopting his approach has continually assisted me in keeping my critical mind at bay, an important factor in producing a successful painting.”

A long time resident of Santa Fe, McBride’s work reflects the deep culture, and the stark beauty of the landscape that surrounds him. In is current investigations of New Abstract Expressionism, he continuously pushes the boundaries of this territory further into lyric, almost romantic worlds where every spontaneous mark and gesture is fraught with peril and immense possibility. Relying on force of intuition, rather than narration, his destinations on canvas are unknown and the resolutions are confident, alive and unexpected.

McBride’s remarkable body of work has gained him an international following, a distinguished collector list, and the respect and admiration of his fellow artist’s and peers.

“An artist must walk the tightrope between accident and discipline. By walking that tightrope and putting down something on canvas from your gut, you have a chance of making marks that will live longer than you. It is completely up to you to be your own worst critic. I take each work to the brink of disaster and then pull it back until it defies me to go any further, then I know it’s done. I give thanks every day that I’ve been able to take my craziness and make it work for me.”

—Fritz Scholder